• The Never Ending Story!

    Makita is renowned the world over for their extensive range of premium power tools. United Tools Toolboss is a proud supplier of Makita power tools, including the 18V DLS713 Mobile Slide Compound Mitre Saw.

    Reviewers have been astounded by the speed and sheer power of this new cordless mobile slide compound mitre saw. And with its compact design and all-metal yet lightweight body, it’s unsurprisingly popular among builders, tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts.

    Its 4-pole slide construction eliminates vibrations, enabling precise, exact cutting. Powered by 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries and weighing in at just 127 kg, it’s an excellent on-site sawing solution.

    In this short video we put Makita’s revolutionary new DLS713 Mobile Slide Compound Mitre Saw through another of ‘real hardwood tests’. Taking on 90 x 19mm Merbau hardwood, how many cuts will we get on a 5.0 amp battery? An impressive 300 cuts! Click here to see it action!

  • Real Tests are Done in Hardwood!

    The Makita Corporation is known globally for its premium cordless and electric power tool range. United Tools Toolboss is one of Australia’s leading Makita suppliers, including the new DHS680 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw.

    Of the many features that make this cordless circular saw stand out from other saws on the market, its revolutionary brushless motor is one of the most outstanding.

    Brushless motors are far more efficient than brushed motors. Combined with its other exceptional features, it’s more powerful and offers greater runtime than other circular saws. The ideal circular saw for builders, home handymen and tradesmen.

    To prove just how efficient it is, we’ve put it to the test in hardwood. Click here to see the new DHS680 18V Brushless Cordless Circular Saw taking on 140 x 45mm kiln dried Blackbutt hardwood.

    How many cuts do we get on a 5.0amp battery? The result’s an impressive 127 cuts!

  • DC18RD Same Time Dual Port Charger

    Makita continues to aid tradesmen and builders with the addition of the DC18RD Same Time Dual Port Charger to their range of power tools and accessories.

    Rapid Charging Time

    This 18 V unit rapidly charges two 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries simultaneously in a mere 22 minutes. This time increases to 45 minutes with dual 5.0 Ah batteries.

    The built-in CPU determines the optimal charging method by getting information from each battery’s memory chip. The device also boasts a forced air cooling fan which rapidly transfers heat away from the battery and reduces the overall charging time.

    Extra Product Features

    The LED charging display and full charge alert sound make operating this device simple, quick and convenient. Tradesmen can also charge their smartphones and tablets thanks to the inbuilt 1.5 A output. Finally, the unit is light and compact with a net weight of 1.9 kg and an overall length of 200 mm.

  • The Undisputed Champion!

    Makita has long been known for the quality, durability and performance of their range of power tools. Of course their reputation is well-deserved as can be seen in this video where the team at Makita Australia prove the claim that their 18 V Mobile Hammer Driver Drill is the world’s most powerful tool of its kind.

    The Test

    With some 45 mm thick kiln-dried hardwood secured to a bench top, the team tested the drill’s 5.0 amp battery by seeing how many holes could be drilled consecutively with a 28 mm auger bit before the power eventually ran out.

    The Results

    The drill performed remarkably well with the bit making holes in almost two full planks of hardwood timber. In the end, an impressive 107 holes were drilled before the battery ran out of power. This is hard proof that Makita really produces the highest performing drills on the market.

  • Stanley: A Trusted Name for Tools and More

    Having been in the tool business for well over a century, Stanley has got it covered, with a range of essential hand and power tools designed to get the job done right, whether you are embarking on residential or commercial construction, repair or remodelling work. From tools, such as hammers, chisels, wrenches and knives to tape measures, laser levels and tool storage solutions, Stanley has consistently delivered the best products, driven by the desire to put out the strongest, toughest and most innovative tools in the market. Over the years, Stanley tools have also been known for their improved ergonomic qualities, which help enhance productivity for professionals on job sites all over the globe.

    ToolBoss, based in Townsville on the north-eastern coast of Queensland, proudly carries a full range of Stanley tools, including the FatMax and FatMax Xtreme tool series. These products go beyond the basic Stanley range, tailored to support professional requirements. As such, Stanley FatMax represents the most durable and innovative products in their respective categories.

    In addition to Stanley tools, ToolBoss supplies a full line of Stanley laser levels that quickly and accurately project vertical and horizontal lines for use in a number of specific applications. We also stock related accessories for lasers, such as tripod level mounts, grid targets and laser glasses. Moreover, ToolBoss offers Stanley’s tried-and-true tool storage solutions, such as Fatmax professional organisers, plastic/metal hard case toolboxes, and soft-sided tool and equipment storage bags.

    Stanley tools provide DIY and professional solutions that have become renowned the world over. We can attest to the fact that its products are well suited for a multitude of challenges related to roofing, windows, flooring, framing, finish and trim, among other building features.

    In addition to selling a range of quality tools in a user-friendly online storefront, the ToolBoss retail experience is backed by outstanding customer service. Don’t know where to start or stuck on a particular task? Ask us!

    We will be more than happy to share our first-hand knowledge about the specifications of Stanley hand and power tools, as well as their intended purposes -- regardless of the size of your project. Also, no job site is too remote. We ship our products from Townsville to anywhere in Australia with same day freight service, if possible. Also, our product inventory can be accessed 24/7 via our website, and live support is available for your project needs and tool requirements throughout the day.
  • Your One-Stop Source for Quality Hand Tools

    Hand tools are a must for every homeowner, amateur or professional craftsman, tradesperson and builder. From large scale construction to DIY home improvement projects, turn to ToolBoss as your one-stop source for quality equipment, including hand tools. Here, you’ll find a range of tools, from hammers, planes, screwdrivers, saws, pliers and chisels to levels and other measuring implements. ToolBoss also features many of the industry’s best brands, such as Stanley, Irwin, OX, Bahco and more. And, as a member of United Tools group, which makes us one of Australia’s largest tool retailers, ToolBoss offers competitive pricing on all our products, helping you save money.

    In addition to the convenience of online shopping available around-the-clock, you’ll also enjoy the ability to save time. Based in Townsville, Queensland, we ship throughout Australia with expedited freight service, ensuring that your hand tools reach you in a timely manner – and that your project can proceed without delay.

    ToolBoss’s customer care team is also available to help. Backed with decades of combined experience in the sales and usage of tools, we are here to answer all of your questions. No query is too trivial, whether you are a professional tradesman, master craftsman, or individual who simply need to fix a few things around the house. We recognize the importance of choosing the right tool for the job at hand, as nothing ruins a project faster than a broken tool or one that does not perform correctly, and thus damages the material being worked on or risks injuring the user.

    As such, we will be happy to demystify the differences between various products in the same category. From large scale kitchen remodelling and plumbing projects to beginning woodworking and furniture making, we have seen it all -- and will gladly share our knowledge and expertise on tools and their intended purposes. We are also here to assist you with your purchase, including the tracking of your online order, as well as provide after-sales support so that you receive years of dependable use from our hand tools.

    For ToolBoss, customers are a top priority. We have been in business for over 30 years, and pride ourselves on our product range, quality and service. Shop with us online, and we’ll help you save time and money, as well as eliminate the hassle of sourcing tools from multiple suppliers. Let us bring our passion and experience beyond Townsville to your project or job site, wherever you are in Australia.

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